An update on a beautiful love story

On dec,16th 2000 my beloved flew to spend xmas in the USA with me and the children .
It was beautiful and we have a whole pictures page devoted to it .

On Dec 30th as we strolled the square here in new orleans , he got down on one knee
and sweetly asked me to be his bride and of course i said YES!!!
We had a lovely time and it flew bye all too soon my beloved had to again return back
to the UK to his job . I am so proud of him and his love for me and mine for him.
I couldnt have made it through the times we have endured without him.
Throught thick and thin he is my rock. I cannot wait to hold him again.
Saying goodbye at the airport was so painful and i couldnt control my tears,
hopefully soon as we plan my love can find work here and join me here ,
since my stroke times are very hard but his love keeps me alive and seeing
him get on that plane inspired the next poem called...


Airport Dances

Our airport dance
The sweet joys
of long awaited
the torture
goodbye's ...
how i miss you
my love
how empty our bed is
how lonely i am
today we did our airport dance
again we parted
time flew from the time
i held you first
as you came into my world again
if only i could caress your face
again and feel that glow
that hello feeling
now we said goodbye
my tears melted with yours
tonight i miss you so
how sad it is a love like our
have to part and go
our lives are together
parted for only now
as seconds seem like hours
I watched you board the airplane
to carry you back again
to where duty calls you
away so far from me
but know this my darling
you are always here with me
as i walk these rooms
and remeber our special memories
home is where the heart is they say
well mine is there with you
as i sleep alone with your pillow
and a shirt scented with you
hurry back my baby
hurry back to me
for then i will hold you closely
and i will again be complete
we beat the odds time and again
this long distance love is real
as we enter into our third year
each day more love i feel
You are my light, my hopes my love
and i want you to know
though far away
i hold you close
inside this heart of mine
your return i await
your love to me is indeed
the wonderful gift of fate
our dues have been paid in full
come home my love to me.

Sarya Ingram

Now again we treasure our emails , message online and our daily phone calls ,
soon come spring my love returns again . I truly get giddy just thinking
about his smile at that airport and again dread the goodbye again when he
returns . We hope by summer i can fly out there and bring him home again
for good this time and to work towards becoming his bride .....

how i love him!!!

some poems for Joe, all are written by myself and are not for using without
permission , accept for the poem " Before you were born " by Margret Renkl


The colors of Love

never does a moment pass
i dont think of you
many colors in my heart
all different hues
but the one i love the most
is the one so purple
The color of my life and loves
and how you paint my world
you blacked out the pain
of loss and emptiness
you filled my life with rainbows
when dreams all seemed so far
You are my passion and my glory
no matter where you are .
always though the skys are gray
your voice makes my day
that beautiful color of purple
since you came my way

Sarya Ingram


i didnt write the one below
but i found it to send to Joe

Before you were born
i knew you
you grew like an unborn child
beneath my heart
every bone and plane in your body
is fitted exzactly with mine
every breath you take
fills my lungs
with air so new
the whole world gleams
until i knew you
i never knew myself

Margret Renkl



................................. Come out of the Cold

winter chills
may blow cold to you
but know this
i long to warm you
with a fire you have never known

in a four poster bed
wrapped in linen
come make love to me
tonight or forever
all the same
you will feel me always
call my name in the flame

let me take you
as you take me
slow and sweaty
hard and steady
and deep
you pick
i follow your lead
ontop of you
i will grind
and nibble your flesh
my kiss you will find

take me , im yours
anywhere you like
im a delightful demon
all yours in the night
make me scream and
grab the sheets
writhing beath you
feel my heat

let me please you
bring out your beast
tonight i will make you
my special feast
make me your sex slave
or make your master
candles will burn
so shall we
come out the cold soon love
come feel my heat

Sarya Ingram

in the silence of the night

i sit and think of all the things that have passed my way

hungers unreal
passions that blaze loss so painful joy so immense hate so cutting love so healing

in the path of our lives
the stillness speaks i listen and sing the song of me

i am Sarya
i am mommy i am his purple rose i am teacher i am dreamer i am young i am old

i have seen beauty beyond all compare
i have witness ugly in the hearts of many i am no angel by far i am a dark angel i am a being of love i am a soul of caring

i have been so wrong at times
other time i have been so very right the silence talks and now i listen in the silence of this night

Sarya Ingram

a poem awating Joe

My muse is a bit sappy , for today marks one week till Joe crosses
that ocean once more to be at my side again !!! Its been too long but
even one minute since he left last would be anyways , so i wrote this for him .

how can i say thank you ?
to explain what you mean to me .
I met you in the darkness of
loneliness and you walked there
with me, holding my hand .
when the chips where down
there you were
drying my tears
and holding me .
i want to thank you
and tell you i love you
at times words seem so
small and empty
But they are all i have
so these words i send you
along with all
my love , my forever
my best friend ,
My Joe

Sarya Ingram

Just words

these words...
love, forever
comfort , completeness
Laughter and romance

all come to me
just as you did
out of the blue

they fill my soul
with smiles
my heart with Joy
everything in my world
has pictures of you

imprinted always
on my heart
and my brain

these words ..
they would mean nothing
without you
In your eyes
i see eternity
your arms
they are my home

beautiful, endless
eternal and true

these are the words
of my love and thanks
to you

Dedicated to Joe ,

Lace and lovesongs

you are my world
all i have ever sought
you make this life so
filled with love
little girl dreams
become real life
as you my shining knight
came into my world so
filled with wrongs
and you make them right
my sweet prince

so i shower you eternal
with lace and lovesongs
forever more
i want you to know this darling
you are all i will ever need
and more
i will await the evenings
when you walk in the door

you held me when my tears
fell in unending streams
you kissed them away
to wake beside you darling
was to lay with my best friend
through thick and thin and up and down
only one thing has ever been true
that is i know the one for me
can be no one but you

so i wrap you up in my lace
and love songs
as cupid's bow hit true
and i cannot think of my forevers
with anyone but you
always know this my love
each heartbeat is for you
you picked me up
and held me tight
and i thank the godess for you

as we grow old together
and the pages of our book
are filled with yellowed
aging lines,
no doubt will be
this love story
an epic oh so true

we are so lucky you and i
as the fires of time burn down
to warm us on the coldest night
in Lace and lovesongs
wrapping us and our love
so real , so beautiful , so right


coming soon more story of our beautiful love , a rare jewel that
has stood the test of time, trauma and distance ,
for true love lasts forever



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