This year i turn the big 40 , im born under the sign of Leo in the year of the Ox .I am a mixture of Cherokee descent and Cajun both bloodlines that make me proud .

i am an elder in the vampyric communities and i love my work , if you have questions or concerns i can be contacted at ...write me and i will try to help or send you to any one i know who may do so . You can learn much and contribute as well if you visit my organization at for all things vampyric and spiritual visit our Public boards there and meet great folks .

I am extremely politically active and vocal , i have been called the Left wing princess and i dont mind at all im proud to be on the fringe and one of the voices who will never accept things and be quiet !!
Check out this site and join me if you wish in being a proud member of the FRINGE MOVEMENT!!

i am a Vampyress, a Dark angel ,
teacher,mentor, elder, mother, writer, poetess and fighter for personal rights and freedoms , so many terms so little space here

i am of the Pagan faith and i walk the left handed path.... my beliefs are my own and i am not one to care what others think of them, for they suit me quite well....i in no shape nor form force my beliefs on anyone and i resent others trying to force theirs on me .

i write dark poetry and Erotica for my own List
As well as for the wonderful publication
Cthulhu Sex Magazine

I support special needs boards a lot and am an advocate for my son Eddie who is autistic , please visit his pages with links that can help if you know of anyone who may need the resources there!

" Not Being Able to Speak,
Is not the same as Not Having anything
to Say "


I am not a Barbie , nor do i have the body of an eleven year old boy .... i am earthy and curvy , not skinny ..
i am not beautiful , but i am comfortable in my own skin, i am not into cyber and request for it tends to piss me off.For all you Jesus freaks out there dont bother to save me just stay out of my way.. Disbelievers , please dont bother me with your ignorance for i care not if you or your closed mind believe in me or not ..i have never been impressed by the herd ... or any silly flock so just go and read your bible, its a great story book.... i live in New Orleans , the city i adore, soon i may also reside in London as well and im very happy about that fact too .

My Hobbies are :
music, writing ,occult studies, alchemy, vampyrism, Autism, un explained mysteries, varied religions,paganism,
erotica and democratic politics, and personal freedoms and animal rights .

Bit of FAQ for any who may be interested

 1# Are you a real vampire?  

Yes in fact i am , as to what they may mean to you and what it means to me well depending on how many fictional books and movies you have seen or read , our views could be quite different as to what that means .
 Please visit the SG pages and lean my views and what i have learned about real vampyrism.  

2# Can you turn into a bat ?
No that is myth only but i do think bats are very cute .Nor do i go "poof" if caught in the sun, although i get bad headaches and generally dont go out in it often unless i have to .Nor will i bite you , actually bites are the most nasty and highly infective type of wound , never let anyone bite you even if they tell you they are vamp .
  Nor do i have fangs that pop out as i feed this too is another bit of fictional BS.  

3# Are you hundreds of years old and are you immortal ?  

No i barely will admit to being 40 !!!  The myth of someone telling you that they are immortal and are hundreds of years old is totally bullshit , dont believe it . I do believe as a pagan in reincarnation and the fact some souls are very old indeed but certainly not any bodies .  

4#  Will you "make" me a vampire .
It isn't possible to do such , vamps are born not made and if anyone offers to "make you a vamp" they are either after , sex, your money , or a power trip simply !! Its Role play bullshit plain and simple dont fall for it .  

5# Do you have super powers ?  

lol , no i do not , i do have gifts and i believe anyone vamp or not can have many of them as well .The abilities i have are those i have developed over the 27-28 years i have been working in the vampyric communities along side my father who was a very wonderful elder himself and who helped so many understand and accept themselves and their natures .  

6# Are you a witch ?  

I am an eclectic pagan , which means i have studied many different paths  and i take from many to fulfill my own destiny and sense of worship , my influences are many , mostly American Indian and simple craft along with much of the native magic here in new orleans esp. voodoo

 7#  Have you ever killed someone ?  

Certainly not !! I am a law abiding ( well those i believe in anyways ) and social responsible person, mother teacher and soon to be wife . I am totally against violence of any sort at all unless it is in self defense .

  8# Do you drink blood ?

Yes i do from a safe donor who is well tested and with whom i am close to, usually this is ones mate . Safe blood practices are a must in all situations and more info can be sought on this topic and others at  

9# Do you want to date me , have sex with me or send me dirty pictures of you ?  

NO NO NO , i also will be greatly offended at requests for cyber , i am in a committed and monogamous relationship with my beloved Joe .I dont seek out anyone else nor am i interested in such , so dont go there period .              

What kind of music do you like ?

well that is a loaded question i like everything but country and Rap !  
I adore ........
Heavy metal
old hair band 80's rock
punk (esp. the Ramones RIP Joey , i love you always !! )
Zydoco ( Cajun music )   My Favorite bands are Type O Negative and The cult and the Cure and Judas Priest , as well as acidbath, crowbar too





Below my fav song by the band Judas Preist , it may be found on the Painkiller CD
A Touch Of Evil:

You mesmerise slowly
Till I can't believe my eyes
Ecstasy controls me
What you give just serves me right

Without warning you're here
Like magic you appear
I taste the fear

I'm so afraid
But I still feed the flame

In the night
Come to me
You know I want your touch of evil
In the dark please set me free
I can't resist a touch of evil

Aroused with desire
You put me in a trance
A vision of fire
I never had a chance

A dark angel of sin
Preying deep from within
Come take me in

I'm so afraid
But I still feed the flame

In the night
Come to me
You know I want your touch of evil
In the dark please set me free
I can't resist a touch of evil

Arousing me now with a sense of desire
Possessing my soul till my body's on fire

A dark angel of sin
Preying deep from within
Come take me in
You're possessing me

In the night
Come to me
You know I want your touch of evil
In the dark please set me free
I can't resist a touch of evil

Touch of evil...




Sarya Ingram 2000,2001