For Jason

come to me darling
the nights seem so long
without you
forever i have waited
till your love made me oh so strong

i long to burn with you
to wrap you in my flame
to drown in your kisses
our lives wont be the same
i promise to make you smile

we are fire , we are ice
we are angels fallen
hear the thunder
feel the rain
dont you hear it calling

come with me forever
never let me go
for my beautiful man
i do love you so

out of the dark , out of the blue
my heart started over
when i met you
i love you and you love me
i curse anyone who wont let us be

for with my heart i do not play
for without you there is nothing
no love, no laughter , no joy
no life, no way

Angel eyes

losts in the depths
of eyes so beautiful
gilded angels wings
flutter in my heart

far away from my
steamy city
yet dear to me
as if next door

haunted images
of torrid fires
burn within
my mind scape

longings speak
of sweet star
lights whispers
and cuddles
in moonlight

gulf waters
warm and salty
surround fantasies
filled with
a dark angels kiss

though far away
always near in my mind
as i stare at the pictures
of this angels
beautiful eyes

For my angel

it is so strange you know my love
just when i had accepted
something i knew i wouldnt want
just when i was resigned to
never having one who
would make me burn

i was accepting something
that in the end would bring me down
for i could never walk in that world
and be what this person wanted

then i found you , the goddess
smiled on me
i knew from the first moment
this attraction was so deep
through space and time
it hit me hard
alone at night i would weep

now i want you to know
i would do anything
to make you smile
to feel your kiss
i hunger for you so

in my world i was told
by my mom that i would just have
to accept i would have to change
give up all i am
to someone who could never feed my fire
or understand my hungers

then i found you
im glad we met before i settled
into something that would have
brought me down
i seek not to harm him
but its you i want

Fallen words do fail me
when i try so hard to explain
tears of frustration haunt me
im so tired of games
all i have ever wanted
i see within your eyes
i long to caress your hair
and sleep at your side

be patient with me baby
and come to me real soon
for we have so much to share
under the sun stars and moon
i want you to know
i mean this more
then anything before
of all the things i have sought
my love i want you more

The love of my life , my husband Jason, my Fallen angel
..... he gives me strenghth to face each day , without him
i am nothing but empty and lost .....
he is my world now and forever

butterfly lovesong

sweet addiction
im so high
i could fall and fly
my soul surges
the tide is up
im drowning in you
everything fell into place
when my angel fell to me

i have changed
from the catipillar
to the butterfly
in your smile
just a few days ago
things seemed so sad
locked in and trapped

watching the flames
dance on the candle
i feel you near
a smile spreads across my lips
i love you my dear

all things worth loving
are seen in this glance
since i opened up
to give you a chance

i always belived
i would never find
one like me &piece of mind
contentment of understanding
found only in you

i feel your love
it keeps me warm
funny how the darkness
can be so bright
withthe passions of two dark angels
holding each other tight

some may say us insane
i dont care
there can be no borders
on knowing when love is right
i want you to know
when you are here with me
i will fill your days with

some may say we are impulsive
i see that as a sign
for we are dark angels
we have waited too long already
to have our bed of candlelight

i dont care what anyone may say
we have a path to walk side by side
and a life time in starlight together
come take my hand , i want you so

some may never understand
the feeling i get looking at you
how my heart thunders and
i long to kiss you
laying quietly next to you

No one can feel this my baby
only us

sweet secrets

i had accepted things .........
always was i less then
everything ...
my writings too dark
my ways too forward
my passions too strong
my life too busy
my body too barren

non vamp and non understanding
closed and set in ways
my mothers dreams
not mine
but i felt like the
train was rolling to crash
and i couldnt stop it
someone help me
i cried behind a smile

warnings sent in vampyric heart
endless circle no stop , no start
over time true came clear
some things just cant be
changes made hurt others
i so hate that
will try to ease the loss
but the time has come for me to be me

then like starlight blast
my soul stirred
a heart beat like mine
with the same longings
i can dream and write and laugh again
he is like me and is my inspiration
and his love gives me courage
no other could compare

i have learned
i will always be my mothers daughter
but my fathers childe as well
i cant live on another dreams
or be what im not
in a few short days
i have seen

my mother wanted security
for me
my father knew my hungers
i now live for me
they are both gone
and forever loved
but i must change

i had hidden
behind another wishes
i had let another mold me
made me kill the passions
that pour forth in my writings
things seemed so different
then what they were

so i take the chance
and go back to being me
and seeking my dark angel
who has hungers that mirror
the ones that scream from my soul

Kali sent me a bloody angel
im never letting him go
drinking from his fire
i burn and live
i have made my choice
for my lover my own
he lets me follow my path
walks it with me

some things are too beautiful to utter aloud
so i smile here
a dark angel floating on a cloud
my love saved me from myself
his words changed my life
praise Kali for this feeling
and for finding him !
never to part '
from my sweet dark angel
and the
sweet secrets in my heart

vampyre wedding

Across miles and time and space
brought together by goddess grace
we are the darkest angels
my heart raced from the time we met
it seemed my future was all sewed up
planned and doomed and then but yet,
there you were , heart like mine
hungers so old from times before
when i felt trapped and so lost
your love was my light
no other but one like me
can make me burn and set me free
children of pain and loss we were
friendship blossmed into love
in the spring ,like roses
All the pain and lonliness
just didnt matter anymore
we face a future hand in hand
protecting each other from the thorns
our love may make others hurt
although not intended
when true love calls ,its not planned
its never ending and pure
filled with trust and intimacy
the only wish i have for all concerned
is that a lesson of true love can be learned
the ones who loved you and the ones who loved me
must open their eyes and see
now as one and meant to be
i hope one day for themto
know the joy of love infinitly
like the fire between you and me
on the day we take each others hands
and speak the vows we long to say
you my husband and i your wife
angels will sing and flower petals will fly
and our life begins anew for you and i
our hands tied with ribbon
music and wine
wit friends and family gathered round
all the past that day left behind
thanks for your love
and for letting me be me
and from making a big mistake
all my dreams come true you do make
as we now know
the most beautiful love story
for i shine now only for you
and you for me .
we are dark angels in love
it happens out the blue
sweet love so true
in a flash of a moment
one heart made from two
fallen angel from the sky
in my wings of love
may you forever fly

Angels Falling

An angel fell into my heart
i wasn't looking and then
this vision of my deepest dreams
into my life walked in
all i know is there is no me
without this angel oh so true
for lost inside i will always be
deep in his eyes of blue
an angel fell into my arms
and i just held him tight
such pleasure sweet
i knew, ages past lives before
such conviction our love it is so right
as the angel fell so did my heart
from out the blue just like his eyes
away to him it flew
now it pounds beating his name
Angel fell into my life and
this i have to say
, i seek sweet shelter
in his arms until my dying day
my angel dark and strong and brave
i just want you to know
friendship bloomed to passion love
the kind that never goes
i will be there to catch you in
both good and times bad
i long to hear the voice that makes me smile
even when i feel so sad
so angel baby always fly
just where you fall to me
For Fallen the heavens know
you were meant for me
and right here i will always be
there nothing more to do
for i sit here and blow kisses
made only for you
some pain is sweet
i have now learned
for this you know its true
such pure desire and fire burns
my love i ache for you


Awakening Dreams

Through the darkness
upon his wings
he flew through dreams
caressing my sleeping face
completion came it seems

sweet agony , seduction
his eyes of blue fire
Hair of darkest nights
calling me to him
i open up my arms to exstacy

he hears my sirens song
his touch i hunger for
shivers up and down my spine
his flesh becomes one with mine

The tears i cry ,
endless lonely nights
his promise to dry them
with his kiss
this life i lead
and his promises
this world i shall not miss

these animal hungers
that wash over me
The madness i now feel
makes the colors brighter now
every thing surreal

The passions he ignites
soak me in my dreams
awakening in sweat
so very close he seems

Fire burns within my soul
one only he can quench
by taking me hard and fast
his vampyric lusty wench

In blood and sweat
and loves sweet pain
i feel him impale me
in my dreams what love we make
my soul will be his gain

his huntress sleep alone
but yet
his touch i still do feel
the dark angel enfolds me in
the things he makes me feel
the smell of dark swwet earth

my heart it thunders through me
as i awake alone
woken by such pleasure
hope no one heard my moans

He gave me such sweet hot pain
my body still does ache
and in return he took my vein
with his teeth in my neck

His love making ,left me lost
his hands ripped out my heart
and in its place ,no thought of cost
in trust his beating did start

now i am the owner of
a dark angels scared heart
and my heart beats within his chest
and bravely pounds my former heart

These new desires and senses
confuse me , yes its true
each new sense , so sharp and clear
my dark prince your princess waits
to share this hunt with you

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