Welcome to my poems page these are poems of
Vampyric Passion which celebrate the wonderful loves,
hurts hunts and passions of the real vampyress.

Take my hand and walk with me sweet one .


TheCall Of Forever

come she hails

to the ones she has found

her eyes behold sorrow

loneliness abounds

she remebers a time.

when she was like them

before the hand of darkness

lead her here

To passion and power

and lust unknown

To fire and forever

her mind completely blown

Many fear her unknown

desires and needs

Hungers of ages

rolled into a nocturnal being.

She is seductress in her

enchantress lair

siren call to victims

a song in the air

some out to destroy her

but you cant kill what she is

for she is forever , locked in a

bloody kiss...

she hunts with a vengeance

she kills with no regrets

her lust burns eternal

blood is her quest

hear her words , and turn away

if you so dare

ignore the moon beams

that dance in her long

black hair..

Look not upon

her breast and their full

offerings, nor her thighs

for which open in your

sweetest death,,

yes , you who strong,

turn from her eyes

but even then , she will be

what you soon miss

demon dancer, sweet romancer

evil so erotic , even angels fall

to have her once within you

is to carry her always

for as she flies through time

her caress and words so

with you forever remain

of days in her silken love making

and the magic of her gift

and the part of you she

she has touched , burns

when each remeberance

her smile, shines in starlight

as she calls you home

A Vampyress Promise

come lay with me

and you shall feel

my forevers in your heart

look into my eyes

join my soul , in passion

Touch my face

feel the look of love

hear my song

let the sirens claim you

feel my lips

feel the velvet caress

offer your neck

let me carry you away

give me your soul

fly fly to eternity to me

My dearest one

the one who i chose

i vow to be your fire

and it shall burn

though the echo's

of time ..

drink of me

taste my nector

after it you shall

want no other

just the hunt by my side

be as i and never lonely

for my mate , i love you


this is a vampyress promise

and so shall forever be



he dwells within her

she has always known him.

through stars and moonlight

she has danced alone .

But a practice till his arms .

for inside her a fire burns

a longing unknown .until

The night finds her

waiting , for his call to her ,

laying in her chamber

chanting his name ...

thinking of him

staring into flames

Till the time of his love came

she had grown tired of the rest .

Now she looks as twilight comes

and alone she does feel ...

she wonders if he feels the same

Her needs are many , her love

is a forever creation, borne of her

darkness,,, but held to his flame .

her thighs quiver with the need

to wrap him in velvet ......

a silken wetness, her breast want

his kiss, her lips they do crave him

oh how her arms to hold him!

oh how he is missed

she moans softly as she difts off to sleep

for her need for him is eternal and oh so deep .

She dreams of the slab, where he shall take her

on the journey to forever ...

as her heart beats with need ...

for she is his and he hers

she seeks the death in his arms

for in this passionate death

they together will live

for a thousand nights they shall feed

side by side ..

until that day and that time ,,,she awaits him

his dark mistress lays sleeping awaiting her love

long black hair and her naked flesh .....

her heart beating his name , her soul

engraved for ever more with his face

as music plays and candles burn,

inside her chamber nigh

Her mind is filled with an eternal desire

for as she sleeps

just as she wakes

she will forever be

his vampyress Erotic

Couplings Of Darkness

She wanders through the night time
her hunger rages within
She looks to the bodies swaying
her eyes take them in
She fights back her urges
till the funtime begins
She sings siren songs
and the drama begins

He walks through the crowd
towards this vison in Black
He looks into her eyes
knows he cant turn back
He walks to her side
and touches her cheek
He moans softly as she
kisses his fingers
makes him feel weak

They take to the dance floor
she in his arms
They move in the nightitme
he is lost in her charms
They kiss as they move
closer to the song
hips grind against him
They walk out into the night time
it didnt take long

The night time was breezy
She lead him the way home
The star shined so brightly
just like his eyes
The way was a short one
they entered her lair
The bed was of silken sheets
Lace and satin
soft like her hair

Like wild animals mating
they ripped off their clothes
Like candle wax melting
they blended as one
Like music and drumbeats
their rthymn begun
Like lighting flashing
so did her eyes
Like fire she burned
right before his eyes
he never took notice cept to
feel her rise

She climbed astride him
and looked in his eyes
hips grinding harder
She bent down over him
and smiles her surprise
all pointy and sweet
the sweet look of lies
She moved with his passion
and he couldnt see .
She ripped out his throat
no longer was he .
She hurries for sunrise
to return to the one
he lies in the quiet
asks her, love you had fun ?

He holds her close now
as she closes the lid
He listens with abandon
to all that she did
He knows in his dark soul
she will never part
He understands her hunger
and he has her heart

Tomorrow will find them
hunting again
Tomorrow will find them
their prey woman and men
Tomorrow will bring them
back to the vault
Tomorrow they will whisper
its was nobodies fault .

crimson kisses

kisses of crimson
the sweet taste of blood
mingles between them
caresses of knowing
the bond they both share

For beings like these two
bring passion and despair
she looks to him and likes
just what she see's there
softly caressing his long dark hair

the victim was a sweet one
claimed in the hunt
together they sought her
and drained of her blood
such dark things they did
oh it was so fun

now pretty in her stillness
they push her to the floor
make love in wild abandon
slipping hotly through her blood

So silly this one was
as easy as pie
a promise of forever
from dark angels sighs
who knows what she wanted
and who care anyway
it was her day
to meet death today

she followed them home
to their lair and bed
fantasies filling her
unknowing head

laughter of darkness
the two of them smile
tonight was a good one
we played for a while

he takes his mates hand
and to it she does rise
looks down at the victim
with a smile in her eyes

she steps over the body
that was so young and so sweet
that her and her mate
had that nite to meet

She bends and caresses
the dead ones young face
no sadness can be seen
in the vampyress face

Together they took her
each having their turn
moaning and clawing
making her burn
she never realized
soon dead she'd be

they both held her closely
between them so tight
she was lost forever
so high on this nite

when the time came to
show her just what
they would do
her eyes behold a horror
her soul might always veiw

they both took a side
and drink in so deep
and gave crimson kisses
on the girls eternal sleep

He whispers to his dark angel
let us now go and lie
in the darkness my lady
just you and i

she follows him down
her hand in his
to the chamber with no light
and rich dark bliss

He lies in her arms now
she kisses his lips
he loves the taste of the victim
in his mates crimson kiss

Vampyress Request

Let me take you walking
through pleasures so fine
show you the fantasies
that play in your mind

Let me caress you and
lick your sweet skin
feel the hunger rage
as i take you in

Let me warm you
on long nights all alone
hear me whisper to you
and sing and moan

Let me feed your forever
in my bloodykiss
what you have known before
you will never miss

Let me taste of your body
and kiss you so sweet
my hands roam so tender
urgent and sweet

Let me show you
the secrets i keep
as i hold you as
we at sunrise sleep

Let me make you
enjoy the pleasure pain
my nails rake across your back
and drive you insane

Let me make you scream
in frightened lust pain
no other shall you ever seek
not even in dreams

Let me tell you who i am
and what you will be
come spend forever
making sweet love
to me


Surrender of My Release

moon light incubus
creeping death
silent seduction,
pulling me near in the dark ,
i cant belive you caught me
me who no one could at all

i am darkness daughter yet
Your whispers and the words
they speak ,send electric
sparks of the forbidden
i seek to join you in your
quest to sully the pure

caresses of fire
restraining me tightly
as you pound into me
helpless am i
and i love it
never have i felt the want of this

i feel your heat
i am flames as well
shall we go hunt the innocent
this night ,to consume and corrupt
At your side fantasies become reality.

Take me im yours now,
i no longer fight
rip my flesh with your dagger
together we shall seek the edge
For i am strong but i bend for you,
Demoness out to play

hear my screams melt from
fear to delight
see me beg for more
make me yours
harder and deeper i need

touch me and make me quiver
to shudder in your arms ever more
show me your darkness
and bask in mine

My release shall melt me
as our bodies move as one
to the point of splintering bones
and pure bloody cum
love your flesh into mine

Nothing is too far
i am the angel
yours corrupt and shred
take me now
im yours

Vampyress Boogie

well hello there
yep its me
hangin back around
many tried to
kick me down
but i dont stay
on the ground
no one was man enough
for awhile it hurt me bad
but this Filly's just too tough
i aint about to be had

this southern belle
shes back from hell,
and smiling ear to ear
hello there sweetie pie
i guess im here to stay
with my rattlesnake hips
and razorblade smile
i am back today

seen some hard times
yep thats true
but this wolfmoon howls
on the hunt all anew
ready for life
the huntress on the prowl
back off from my path if you
get too close you'll burn
hear my moans and growls
cuz in this world
times come my turn
i too can play the game
im out to have
a real good time
dont forget my name .

this southern belle
shes back from hell,
and smiling ear to ear
hello there sweetie pie
i guess im here to stay
with my rattlesnake hips
and razorblade smile
i am back today

wanna play ?
i know the way
follow me and learn


the flow of crimson
drops to the bed
little rivers of liquid
a deep dark red

You say that you love me
and baby i know its true
for tonight i took you
to show you a view

Little sighs of pleasure
little screams of pain
drowned out by thunder
and the sound of rain

You look at me with eyes
so innocent and sweet
your lips so perfect
your flesh clean and sweet

small cuts and carvings
flesh yeilding and tearing
my mouth licking and suckjng
your blood sweetly flowing

You tell me ,you never done this before
that if i wish i can take more
i lay there fighting the urge i still have
to cut you more deeply or rip you in half

slowly you slumber as i watch you sleep
in trust you have given
your soul to keep
you danced with the devil
yes this is true
i curl up in the darkness
looking at you

Watch of the dark angel

The dark angel looks down on the mass of
flesh below her .
watching the sheep thinking they know her .
She watches her eyes ablaze
amusement anew
at the endless rutting of the
worms who grovel ,no self respect
dark laughter rings out
should she put them out of
their pathic misery ?
watching the inferior puppy like ways
silly idiots caught in a daze
beg and grovel and attempt to take her place
fill her shoes , take her space
she laughs
for if it is taken it wasnt worth her
in the first place .
wanting what is hers is a dream
never to be
they have so much to lose
there is no other such as she
She inflames the soul
never forgotten ,lingers always
like her kiss
tiny dancer spinning in your dreams
magick woman ,passions of the ages
wrapped in nocturnal sin
before this goddess of the night .
long hair dark and silky
eyes that flash fire in the darkness
skin of cream soft and milky white
Lips full and grinning
No fool is she , though many may think
the joke is on them ,her hunger grows
from their soul she will drink .
She is pain and lie and sin
she will dance with rapture
as they lose their life
Take what she seeks and
find only a nightmare left
for she is vengence on fire
her angel eyes so sweet
have made many fall at her feet
she loves with such passion
she hates all the same .
her fingers can caress
or slit a throat with a grin
her dagger ever ready
she can hug her enemy
then rip out their spine
sweetly whispering
now you are mine
for they never knew
the angel was capable
of such a brutal attack
Her beast within can tear out
a rivels heart ...
cross her and know hell.
love herand know heaven
seductions oh so very sweet ,
she can be your baby
your body will burn
soft crimson caress, touch your fantasies
your princess so fair
making you scream with joy or despair
Tiny demon dancer with her innocent smile
spining in your dreams ...
The lioness guards all she loves
and stalks all she hates
astral playground her domain
dream walker,moon light dancer
as you lay your head on your pillow tonight
will she come to you with a smile or a bite ?
will she feel love or shall it feel hate ?
watch out for its quite too late
fuck with the dark angel so fair
see death with long black hair
only you can know for sure ,watch her
feel her , drawing near, hear her passions
whispered near ..what is that you feel ?
love passion , or deaths's fear
come on and play she smile at you
she hungers for souls and she is watching you


Darkness is my lover..

enfolding me in the night.

Darkness is my companion

and it is he, who holds me tight.

Ebony eyes, and caresses

that give pleasure and delight.

Darkness is my playground

to run and play and scream.

Oh kindred Man,

are you but a dream?

that haunts the evening skies.

and runs away as the sun does rise.

I long to bleed and writhe in the

sweet agony of the pleasure and the pain

of making love in nights of blood and fire

burning to feel you and reach

your darkest desires,

Darkness is the silence

that screams within my brain.

because since my eyes saw yours,

i will never be the same

Darkness is the power.

Darkness calls out my name



lights flicker
foggy smoke fills the room
as i enter
Black lace and nothing more
but a smile i wear
a kitten on the hunt

you lean against the far wall
cuz you went out for some fun
my eyes caress your face
and shoot your heart like a gun
hunger burning in my own
this fire woman walks to you
you hear my purr and moan

i need a blood doll
do youwanna play ?
i need a blood doll
how bout today ?
i need a blood doll
i'll make it good
i need a blood doll
i'll make ya scream
i need a blood doll
like a wet dream
i need a blood doll
and baby you look good

my perfume meets you
my voice it whispers softly
i always knew i'd meet you
you hand i take as i kiss your fingers

my lips moist , i smile at you
and purr into your ear
your hands caress my long black hair
as i gaze into your lusty stare

i need a blood doll
do youwanna play ?
i need a blood doll
how bout today ?
i need a blood doll
i'll make it good
i need a blood doll
i'll make ya scream
i need a blood doll
like a wet dream
i need a blood doll
and baby you look good

the music pounds into your brain
i move my hips against you like a hurricane
my breasts full and nipples hard
such a treat for you ,naughty pleasures

in the flicker of a moment
my lips meet your own
soft low and sexy i hear you moan
my nails scratch your back as i nibble your lip

i need a blood doll
do youwanna play ?
i need a blood doll
how bout today ?
i need a blood doll
i'll make it good
i need a blood doll
i'll make ya scream
i need a blood doll
like a wet dream
i need a blood doll
and baby you look good

out into the night we fly
to my place just you and i
my hunger should come as no surprize
as you undress me with your eyes

i walk you to my bed room chamber
and there in candlelight
i show you pleasures of the flesh
tasteing your skin as i take you
places only your fantasies have gone

i need a blood doll
do youwanna play ?
i need a blood doll
how bout today ?
i need a blood doll
i'll make it good
i need a blood doll
i'll make ya scream
i need a blood doll
like a wet dream
i need a blood doll
and baby you look good

sweet salty sweat covers us
as i ride you like a harley
this demoness of your nightmares
makes you long to leave heaven behind
i move up above you , my hips dance as we grind

moving faster harder stronger
wildly thrusting as we as one connect
my teeth do reach your neck
pumping holding biting and scratching
you are helpless yet ...
this encounter with a darkness dancer
you wont soon forget

i need a blood doll
do youwanna play ?
i need a blood doll
how bout today ?
i need a blood doll
i'll make it good
i need a blood doll
i'll make ya scream
i need a blood doll
like a wet dream
i need a blood doll
and baby you look good

in the morning i'll be gone
i took what i wanted and i'm moving on
this life is a buffet and the menu's way too full
my smile and the hunger you have felt
will me what you think of when you melt
remebering pleasure and loving pain
i night in my arms, left you never the same

in the nights to come you will think of me
and smell my scent in shadows
and imagine my long hair draped over your flesh
and hunger to hear my breath
find me in the moonlight
howling at the moon

i need a blood doll
do youwanna play ?
i need a blood doll
how bout today ?
i need a blood doll
i'll make it good
i need a blood doll
i'll make ya scream
i need a blood doll
like a wet dream
i need a blood doll
and baby you look good


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