a love story
( the story of Sarya and Joe )

once there was this fellow with a heart of gold
looking through web pages
at the same time there was this woman
who had a heart with scars
They lived continents away
across an ocean
The man had lost his father and friend
The woman had said good bye to her that year as well .
He looked at web pages
and saw an icq number
and a picture and some poems
he decided after thinking it over to give it a try
it certainly wouldnt hurt to say hi
she found his message Sept 1999
and wondered who this could be
a cruel joke by an old love
another guy with a line or come on ?
so she answered carefully
They talked for a while
so much they had in common
and she knew he was for real
no silly joker or a fool online
but a man who could think and feel
Soon it was daily , emails and chats
phone calls soon came after
he was her strength through good times and bad
they knew they just had to meet
the months passed and the longing grew
and they became part of each others world
he would call and speak with her mother
and promise to always love her little girl
her mother loved his English voice
and all her elderly friends
would gather to listen to him speak
she kept his pictures next
to her fav chair and would
tell everyone this was the one for her girl
he told her he would come that Jan 7th
and that he would meet her
and take her to dinner
at 78 it made her day to hear him
and to know she could rest
because her daughter had found love
true real love at last
In the mean time
this woman who loved
the man from across that ocean
also was blessed with children
who had never known a fathers love
that someone special they could look up to
soon they grew to engage their grandma in
talks of how it will be when Joe came
from across the sea
One day my mother for the woman is me
went quietly with the angels
his pictures around her
she was buried 4 days before Joe came
But true to his word and honor
he went to her still with roses
dressed in a beautiful suit red shirt and tie
i will never forget , as me and his little xfile
who now calls him daddy cried
as he bent and placed her fav color roses on her grave
he said mom im here just as i said i would be
your little girl is a beautiful woman
and i will love her forever
with that we all sat with her at her grave side
i felt her smile
i know she worried about me in life
knowing i had found someone to love me helped her go with the angels
for she had suffered so
i know she is at peace now
Joe and i went through so very much
very hard times moving getting ripped off by a slumlord
but he settled his family in this place we live
he moved us by himself
yet through it all he was my rock
held me when i cried
and shared the pain of loss we both knew all too well
when he left at that airport
i never cried so hard even the ticket agent when she saw us getting on one
ticket back to England said oh goodness
what is wrong with this picture you two shouldn't be apart
i had no money for parking i had to leave him in the terminal ,
that long corridor and my tears as i turned and saw tears in his eyes too
i ran out and went home and just laid in the grass
as i watched the plane carrying my soulmate
back across that ocean , i just let the tears fall
my cries drowned out by the jet
Since that time there were good times and bad times
i have made some of the worst mistakes a woman can make
but i know this what we have is eternal
and that Joe is more of a better being then i could ever be
forgiveness compassion and understanding
and he is a wonderful father and a beautiful mate
we are wolves and our love is forever
my illness didn't turn him away
nor did my mistakes that hurt him so
if i could take back any pain he ever felt
i would slice out my own heart to do it
i love him
he is my comfort
and we are family forever
this page is a tribute to him
he comes home soon and his family
his mate and children await the arrival
of our strength , joy and love
we will become one at last
the years we have endured have proven real love lasts through anything
i will wear that band with pride
and being his wife is the most important
title this very busy mom, elder, teacher, writer, singer has ever known
and the one that makes me the proudest

love you Joe
your purple rose

I Knew I Loved You

Maybe it's intuition
But some things you just don't question
Like in your eyes
I see my future in an instant
And there it goes
I think I've found my best friends
I know that it might sound more than a little crazy
But I believe

I knew I loved you before I met you
I think I dreamed you into life
I knew I loved you before I met you
I have been waiting all my life

There's just no rhyme or reason
Only this sense of completion
And in your eyes
I see the missing pieces
I'm searching for
I think I've found my best friend

I know that it might sound more than a little crazy
But I believe

I knew I loved you before I met you
I think I dreamed you into life
I knew I loved you before I met you
I have been waiting all my life

A thousand angels dance around you
I am complete now that I've found you

I knew I loved you before I met you
I think I dreamed you into life
I knew I loved you before I met you
I have been waiting all my life

ęSavage Garden

If this is a Dream

If this is a dream
please don't wake me up
your love makes me complete
like angels songs on silken wings
i feel your love fly to me
so long i waited
such lonely nights
i thought i'd be alone
to sit and ponder others joys
while all my own had gone .
so if this is only a dream
let me forever sleep
for in the stillness of my heart
my love is yours to keep

ęSarya Ingram



from my heart dedicated to
my other half and my soul
mate Joe Cole ....
i couldnt have made it without him .

A poem For Joe

from far away and from my dreams
my love you came to me
as my life fell to pieces
you gathered them up
and glued my shattered world with love

When it seemed there was no one
who gave a damn for me
you touched my heart with concern
and finally i felt someone cared

as i was over come with hopelessness
and everything went wrong
you told me we would make it through
and held me close

when i felt i was so scared to go on
you pulled me close and made me warm
gave me what i needed and the strength
to go on

When we stood before my mom as one
you told her ,you loved me true
i looked to you and my eyes filled with tears
as you placed the roses on her grave
i felt her smile ,though she has gone

When it was time to say good bye
i felt so sad inside , as i walked away from you
then i turned around and saw your eyes
and felt the kisses we blew

i heard the jet roar through the sky
and in our yard i fell to cry
then you called and told me you loved me still
and all was right once more

so i wait for you with open arms
my heart it beats in you
i know we are as one though far
im so in love with you

ęSarya Ingram


Never apart

somehow in the darkest nights
your love shines
when all is lost
your hand reaches
out over miles
time and space
just knowing we
walk under the same sky
and that even though
the ocean divides us
we are never truly apart
for since i kissed
those lips of yours
at the airport
and we steamed up
those car windows
with love and passion
we never shall part
i took my heart
and put it in you
and took yours within me
those nights
in your arms
my sweet english man
how our toes held each other
our giggles in the dark
your arms about me
singing silly songs
no we have never parted
my darling my love,
the tearful goodbye
the airport gate
the sound of the jet
and your sweet goodbye
no we never parted
even when i ran away
i was such a fool
i had to return
for its only for you
my heart can truly burn
you were here in my soul
all the days long
those brown eyes i love
as we both grow old
im back in your life
im not going again
for you my love
are an angel among men
so know i learned
how sad i can be
please remeber my love
there no life without "we"
my beautiful spanish eyes
you were meant for me

ęSarya Ingram


Memories of you

traces of a smile
the smell of your hair
the feel of your skin
against mine

sweet cuddles of
completeing me
longing to melt into you
knowing you must go
awaiting our reunion

salt air and jazz
the nite time sky
whispering her stories
for those who hear

steamy balmy
or a wet chill
all the same
makes me want
to crawl inside you

waiting waiting waiting
till you kiss me again

ęSarya Ingram

i didnt write this one but it speaks
from my heart to my beloved Joe

I will stay in love with you forever...

How can I stay in love
with you forever?
How can we make our relationship into
a lifetime of sharing and joy?

In order to stay in love forever
I must first find the right person to love
and I have, in you

In order to stay in love forever
we both must understand each other
and ourselves
and we must be completely honest
with each other at all times
We both must have our own goals and interests
and actively pursue them
We both must have complete freedom of thought
and we must encourage each other
to follow our dreams
We must always be fair, kind and supportive
of each other
We must dedicate ourselves to being
equal partners in all that we feel
and in all that we do
We must promise each other that
we will always create time
to just appreciate each other and our love
and that we will never be lazy
and take our love for granted

In order for me to stay in love
with you forever
and have a relationship that is
a lifetime of sharing and loving
I must really pledge myself
to this wonderful commitment
and I must really want to stay in love
with you forever
and I do

-Poem by Susan Polis





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