(Elder tribute to the young ones
from the core of my heart)

Elders tribute

i am a childe of moonlight
many years i have walked with starlight
many things these eyes have seen
plenty tears, but many more smiles
Take my hand and lets walk awhile

i want you to know, that i truly do care
and if it werent for you ,
i'd have no reason to even be there .
Tell me of yourself and i'll tell you of me

for such a long time , i learned and watched
life's treasures and torments ..
seen souls corrupted and hearts set free
helping those find themselves
also helps me

i am not here to order , put down, nor judge
just take my hand and talk to me
and together we'll make it through the sludge
of a world that sometimes, makes no sense
my love is a pure one, without pretense

i am asked ,often at times
what keeps me going and how to find
the answers within me .,this world with sadness ,pain and crimes
all i know its a call that burns in my heart and mind
The torch passed to me and inside it burns

In you i see the tomorrows
and myself in the past
i wish to hold you in your sorrows
and make your smiles last
i am teacher, friend and guide
and watching you all fills me with pride

An elder is nothing without those to love
each of you is a special place within me
from you i learn too...and i remeber and i grow
like a flicker of beauty you are in my life
the joy is neverending

Call my name in the darkness,
i wont be far away
this i promise , one you enter my heart
you had a place to stay
if you ever need me ,i promise to be there
always know that someone really cares

This elder thanks you
from the bottom of my heart
for the happiness pride and joy
you brought to my heart
for in you all i see,
all the beautiful things a soul should be


Hunt of the night things
I long for the howls
of my lover the wolf .
The caresses
of the evening
those lavender skies
those nights of passion
not of some silly seductions,
but of the kind for which there
is no name .
I ache to feel the rush
of a hunt most hunters dont ever know
for in the deep twilight and the pounding of a heart ,
the hunter would become hunted
under bloody skies ,
wildness would bind
those with their modern guns and laws
to the things that haunt their minds,
and that dwell in their nightmares.
I am a wild creature ,
who is
masked in their eyes ,
Till they meet me in the darkness
and learn my dark suprise.
All they thought they knew and understood
will shatter in their screams
in the green tomb
of the barren woods .


Roman's Song

In the mists of time
everlasting starlight breaks
sweet winter caresses of winds
fade into the dance of spring ..
a song of goodbye
yet i also remeber well
yet gentle smiles, a warmth
water ripples upon the lake
memories so sweet
a lost little womanchild
running from pain
saved from the winter chill
by strong hands and big green eyes
in the warmth of a fathers will.
Orphaned and alone till
this gentlemen took her in
The hands that took hers this time
where not like the others
before them ever.
no lust or greed or anger
did they hold...
The eyes held nothing
but understanding
a journey of love and learning
ensued and endured .
In time she came to know
of who and what she was
with careful ,patient ,guideing hands
and a heart filled brimming with love
he looked into her eyes and
He told her that one day he'd go
she begged never to leave her alone
he told her
"my little ebony eyes
i'll always be with you
cuz real love never dies"
Time passed by
the child did grow
and contuine on her way
and a woman she became ,
amazed at his courage
trying to be that way .
a child does learn from
what she see's .
her eyes beheld
a veiw of simple quiet dignitity
So on the day he went away
she cried and missed him so
but held within
her heart so true
his love would never go
so once again i say this
for all to learn and know
if your truly love someone
that love will never go
In the mists of time
everlasting starlight breaks
sweet winter caresses of winds
fade into the dance of spring ..
a song of goodbye
yet i also remeber well
yet gentle smiles, a warmth
water ripples upon the lake
memories so sweet


Poem For My Best friend
Astral Hide away

i understand
and wish you all the best
i shall stand far out of the way
smiling with joy
for your happiness , and so greatful
it did come to you

no one deserves contentment
more then you
i admire your reason and advice
and glow in your protection
i at time cursed my blindness
but i know fate is strange
maybe i needed a slap
to make the connection

so i lead my own life
and pull it all together right
went to find myself
and its turned out just right
i made it through and i have found
i like the person in my mirror
glad she is back around
all the while sending you my
hopes and blessings
as i turn out the light

my soul awaits the journey
this heart takes me on
when darkness visits
out i fly across the skies
on the astral plane
to where i seek

reaching out
touching nothing
your eyes can see
dont worry baby
for you'll feel its only me

you are a rock
as i drown in the storm
your kind heart
chills me , keeps me warm

caresses of angels
with a demons smile
come on and love me
enjoy yourself awhile
here there are no rights
and no wrongs
Passion rules ,it wont take long

time is a theif
many years we have
between us known
many passions tasted
many songs sung
deep in the reason
of understanding ,
of maturity and the eternal children
we are and will always be .
there is a hope
of a road in the future
and a passionate trip
for two souls who
know the road well

some things are magick
and so very sweet
luck is a great thing
when two souls do meet
there are so many ways
to enjoy my dark treats

this time in my life
your friendship means so much
only you have the calming touch
when im lost and not to be found
peace returns with you around

in your dreams i will dance
with my rattlesnake hips
now take your chance
and taste my strawberry lips
my breasts your pillow
pleasures unearthly
kindred delights
seldom known

for astral is the only place
now that we can meet
seperate lives , we do have
chance failed us
i am far away
but always ever near
ever are you in my heart
your companionship i hold so dear

i know your fantasies
cuz i have the same
in the darkness you called my name
heard it over my own sweet song
bout a kindred man , with hair so long
a song about time and loss and chance
acceptence and understanding
for the one i call my best friend

i know you never saw me
but i was surely there
in the nite i floated closer
and caressed your hair
thankful for the time that came to be
the day that for you there was a me

so i take you into my nitetime
dreams with me
in that time we are both free
and safe
in that moment in time
such fire burns
in the flame of you and me

i drifted downward and
whispered to you
told you the secrets
your heart already knew
thanks for your love
and friendship so true

i watched as you slept
and adored you in my dream
my love poured from me
so much it seemed
that i had wept
oh such
a sweet release

i of air and far away
know there will come a day
the flesh may met
as these two souls have done
the highway of life is a long one
for two that have the goals
as one







  My Victory poem

it is so clear now
the answers i sought
my animal nature
it was shackled , now free
my laughter is musical
my heart it soars
with each flicker of starlight
i grow stronger , wiser
i am elder, and my powers endless
my will shall be
my eyes close in delight
as moon beams call my name
winds caress my face and hair
they tell me secrets and whisper
so sweetly , of times of strength and hope
i know now all i need , i will be fire
for i am a wild flower , growing and changing ever more
i am woman child , creature of dark nites
my passions and hungers , know no boundries
too long have i hidden in my weaknesses
time to be strong ,and spread my wings wide
i am wolf and cat and bird
wind, water , earth& fire
i feel such a surge within
a flow of pure electric life
surges through this dark angel
my body shivers with delight
running through the nighttime
carressing the fog , as it enfolds me
feel my caresses , smell my skin
i am like no other , taste me
all the pleasures i live again
make love to me in your dreams
astral play ground , find me there
run your fingers through my hair .
as i take you to your every wish
my city is magick and so am i
i am music sexy and slow
then wild and frenzied
i am huntress and seductress
i am candle lights glow
i am the darkness that is a blanket
i am mother, healer
lover, angel and sinner
i am vampyress.
the battle over my sanity
over and
the victor am i


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