Once, Then and Now

once a dream
then a shattered truth
once a hope of love
then the emptiness of alone
once a promise made
then just another lie
once it was love
Now it is goodbye

once there were smiles
now i drown in tears
once there was forever
now just empty years
once i thought i would hold you
now i sleep all alone
once i thought it was for always
now i know i should have known

once i was a dreamer
now i know the score
once i would wait endlessly
now i have closed the door
once you had a fool to love you
now your game is up
Once you did
Now you dont
Then i just gave up


hear the sounds crashing
winds raging , waves thrashing
Thunder roars and lightings flash
floods flowing ,splintering tearing
Hurricanes howls , tornados roaring screams
ripping up all in a rage
The sounds heard are the Noise of
this storm raging in my soul
No blue skys only black
no sunshine , no starlight
howling , and crying in the nite
Heart is raging, flooded with tears
my arms are open
whirl wind take me far away


Home is where hell is

he appears ,mets your eyes
shouldnt come as a surprise
sitting there , room spins
whiskey running through your head
all you felt now is dead
crimson sliver run anew
endless alone
finally took its toll
fate pointed it finger
said i want you
the rythmn of the music
it sings to your heart
bleed baby , bleed just for me
sweet death's seduction
come dance with your demons
they miss you so
kisses and whispers
tried to run from us
but we think you should know
we are here waiting
now its time to go
child of darkness , child of song
Home is where hell is
walk with me now come along
you had your time
you sang your song ,
,the show is over
now come along
slice it deeply
dont take too long
bleed out all the pain
such pretty red rain
dont say it will hurt, lil songbird
in this life you've known worse
rape and misjudgement
love for you is just a curse
come now childe your pain is through
my dark wings here spread
to enfold you
off to nothing together we sail
sleep among the starlight
wash down the pain
drink that fire water
perfect for you demon daughter
funny thought you had
silly silly you,that happiness
would find and come save the day
come on dark angel
tell me true ,did you think that could happen
to one such as you?
bleed and cry ,take my hand
come find peace and and sleep so true
let my arms come hold you

the promise of darkness

sing a song of pain and loss
messed with me at but what cost
nightmares claim your every sleep
i laugh in the shadows as you wept
lil one who thought you knew
the way to cheat and lie
maybe somehow catch his eye

There is something i think you should know
if he's that pathic , know i let him go
the one who shares my bed
would fill your heart so dull of dread
i love the darkness, and it doesnt love you
for any that would sink to have you
i would take and his mind and screw

let me tell ya something little girl
this vampyress, she knows the world
my vengence shall break through
cast protection as my flames break through
just cuz i closed my eyes dont think i couldnt see
my demons whisper softly to me

tonight i bath in sweet red blood
laughter rings out
your lover i caress
now everything you wanted i seek
not that i want it
but you're such a geek

you gave it a good go
too bad that was your best
silly one ya failed the demons test
when you see the moonlight dance
know it hungers for me ,
just as your lovers smile in his sleep
its not you ,that makes his blood weak
i am nightmares, lust and rage
watching you play in your cage

sneaky snake puppy dog
wanna see ya whimper and cry
better watch out cuz now
you may just die
time forme to put the dog to sleep
maybe you will do it yourself
do us all a big favor and
and be unique
rid the world of usless garbage
or maybe it will be like this
dont worry i'll be quiet
no one will hear a peep
it would be so fun to off
you in your sleep

But then again i want your last sight
to be , the baring of my nails and teeth
ripping your dreamworld ,hopes
and your throat to bits
for what i could do is far more
then you....
your skin a beautiful shade of blue
your heart fed to my demons
ever by
no one around will hear your cry

i await you in the darkness
that place that chills you so
those childhood nightmares
can never compare
to the serving i give of pain and despair
listen in the silence ,hear my feet draw near
my gentle giggle the last thing you hear


the winds chill finds you
the tears freeze in place
on her snow white skin and
her china doll face
pain is her partner
ice is her heart
one last hurt too many

cold and barren are
her eyes as she dances
grins like ice cubes
spinning and twirling away

The ice princess calls you
come slumber in the chill
of a touch from the coldness
all hope gone astray
kiss her icy lips ,just like
her heart ....

promises on snowy breath
caresses of sliver starlight dreams
you tried to melt her
wasnt easy as it seems
she was frozen long ago
each hurt made her chill grow
pain now solid no love does she seek

now the ice princes dances alone now
and its time for you to go
look once more at her form
in the cold moonlight
say good bye and walk away




Cry to the Nightbirds

in the depts of darkness
waits the light
in the stillness of nothing
night birds call out
watch them take flight
there will be no answer
as the fog rolls in
flying to whereever
my eyes watch them flee
wishing the fog was a lover
to come hold me
to wrap all around me
and sleep at my side
i have grown way to lonely
wounded my pride
i cry out to the heavens
pain please let me be
or death come and take me
and make your bride
i know no answers
no cure for this pain
please stop my crying
tears fallin like Rain
and set this pain free
For i can feel nothing
but empty despair
tired of endings
life is unfair




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